Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FULL LENGTH Aug 20th, 2009

Hey guys

so far...
kohek ad is going alright. think we need a clip or two still? roccity, let me know right away when you have the full amount of clips needed.

theres a go on an OATS volume 6 ad, bout thirty seconds long, i dont think any clips will be needed. i might sneak a 1/3 of a second of a clip off of your reels at one point, not enough to show the trick, just the skater. like in Hostile commercial..

threat project possibly, if roccity confirms it, we declare war on Moveable objects for a day or so.. =]

and as for a FULL LENGTH....

I would like to begin a full length Hex video.
about a 1-2 minute part would be nice..
id like everyone to be a part of it, and to have a video part, wearing Hex clothing/hats/ even rock it on your board if you want.. just represent.
as of today, im setting a marker for everyone to be Well on their way, if not Finished filming for a 1-2 minute video part. No watermarks please.
anyone let me know if they have any trouble with their being able to do so..

And as of right now, now that this blog is up and running (thank you chiefmacdod), i would like every skater to be checking it at least every other day.
ill be posting things such as Fan art, and series, T shirt graphics, and current projects being worked on.

From Now On...
If i post a due date, and recieve nothing, without an are not going to be involved with it.
more then one of these will result in no longer being Hex..

We are only just getting off the ground. if dead wieght needs to be lost, so be it. sorry.

if i post something here on the blog, there is no excuse.

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