Monday, August 3, 2009


As of right now...
lot of projects going down. gotta write 'em all down as a matter of fact.

Roccity is working on an advertisement for the Kohek team full length video, Hollywood Blacklist.
Roccity is going to need a single clip from each skater, filmed in 50% speed, with No watermark. (sorry signguy). Bangers only. Best gets ender.
When your clips are finished, and on skatereel, download them and upload them to this website.
PM me on fluckit or EA for the username and password. AIM is skatevid2. feel free guys.

Piktro will be working on a Brady Bunch esc advertisement for a Catface advertisement, and clip information will be figured out soon enough. be on your toes for demands.

Myself, Chief, and Opie will be working on a short video as well.

ANY ideas at all would be great. and when any videos, promos, or ideas come along...just let us know, we are more then happy to slap it on the blog..

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